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Build, destroy, rebuild


Photography emulsionPolaroid on card paper

19 x 13.5 cm

The work consists of a series of Polaroid photographs, modified through an artisanal process that, with hot water, removes the photographic emulsion from the original film. The image, which takes on a texture similar to that of a membrane, is then manually transferred to a new surface, cardboard, gaining a new shape and texture. These are photographs of the facades of houses located in places impacted by the gentrification process. By operating directly on the photographic material, I seek to give new meaning to the documentary aspect that the original images have and propose new possibilities of interpretation.


This is a work in progress, which to date has comprised around 40 images, produced in the Montparnasse regions, in Paris; in the Barceloneta neighborhood of Barcelona, in the Stratford area of London, home to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic stadium; in the La Condesa region, in Mexico City; in the Port Zone of Rio de Janeiro, a region that is home to the controversial “Porto Maravilha” and around the Elevado Presidente Costa e Silva, better known as “Minhocão”.  

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