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2011 - 2016


variable dimensions

Inappropriate, inappropriate, inadequate... are possible adjectives to attribute to the reason why so many people were removed from their homes, deprived of their owners due to the vested interests that had their guiding axis in financial speculation; This gentrifying procedure aimed to find a place for supposed international investments, widely publicized as part of an alleged “legacy” that the city of Rio de Janeiro would inherit from the 2016 Olympics (immense debt and outright lie). It has become evident, given the establishment of the dystopian context in which the city finds itself, that it is necessary to publicly debate urban plans whose bias is that of displacement, which is why this exhibition is configured as a proposition pertinent to the place in which it is located. , an institution that fights for its own survival, in correspondence with the residents of the human space in which it is located, a disfigured urban center, which seeks to regain its sense of community in the midst of processes such as homelessness and ruin. The images here enlarged in large format on this top floor of the historic CMAHO building are visual documents that convey temporalities in a trance, through which they portray what is left of the houses destroyed by the public authorities through dismantling and dismantling. Racy shows us remnants and signs of the lifestyles of the citizens who lived there, before they had to submit to the excesses of a master plan that considers the concept of domicile to be minor, whose main characteristic would be permanence. At this decisive juncture in the history of humanity, in which the majority of the population lives in cities, rethinking the way in which we plan, build and manage urban spaces is no longer an option, but an urgency: housing is a basic citizen right. In a place where “put it down” reaffirms itself as a method reiterated in the urban plans implemented by those who have the power to decide, it is necessary to stand firm and hold our head high against the premeditated madness: occupy and resist - appropriate.

Leno Veras

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